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the sound
sanctuary experience

Sound Sanctuary
Level One

Root Chakra
E a r t h   P a s s i o n s

The Earth Passions video includes visuals to help ground the energy body and connect you to the earth. Overall, the music relates to the root of who we are and assists in balancing various areas of the lower body.


For meditation and deeper healing, I suggest focusing on Mother Earth / Gaia and your connection to her as a human being... past, present and future. Embrace the past... the ancestors, the ancients and everyone that brought you to this moment. No matter how challenging your life has been - be grateful, forgive and know you are supported and safe.


Be grateful to Gaia for giving you a beautiful home and food for sustenance and healing. Thank the ancestors and ancients for all their gifts of life and teachings. When you understand your connection, and that you yourself are a special gift, you can assist your body in regenerating its cellular structure.


Embrace. Forgive. Love. = Healing

The energy frequencies and sound components you hear are used to assist the physical body and surrounding environment through

a positive energy attunement - allowing the body and/or space to raise its own vibration for self-healing and balance. 

While you can certainly close your eyes and connect to the sound, this particular video was made so a person could also use as an open eyed meditation... so you can watch it as you listen. This enhances your engagement to heighten your intention, but can be especially good for those that have challenges trying to participate in a standard meditation with their eyes closed as well.

For those of us studying Quantum Mechanics, Consciousness and the Ancient Healing Arts... what we are finding is that the most

important part of healing and/or uplifting any vibration starts with intention. This is truly the key to assisting yourself

in every part of life - whether you choose to focus on healing your body, your relationships, your work environment and so on.

This is why the same application can work in a multitude of ways for people, places, things, animals and the environment.


That being said, when creating healing music our intention was specifically to create a vibration that connected to its observer/listener.

You will find that your intention to heal will be magnified.  Additionally, I suggest trying these meditations/attunements for 3 days

and keep a record of how you feel as you move through them. Does it make you feel uncomfortable in a specific area in your body

at any given time? (This just means that there is "stuck" energy trying to move.) If so, mark the timeline.


Play again the next day and see if changes have occurred. Usually, most people will feel a difference every time they listen.

This happens because energy is moving through your body as a specific frequency. It will clear energy patterns as your body needs.

Truly - your body is really just clearing itself with a little help from the sound components along with your own personal intentions.


Even if you do not know what your intentions are... by "showing up", your higher self knows exactly how to facilitate your needs.

Just relax and enjoy some time with yourself. 


Energy Medicine.  Reiki.  Bio-energetic Tuning.  Sound Healing.                                                                                                                                             people & pets

Our entire biological system - the brain and the earth itself - work on the same frequencies. So, if you want to find the secrets of the universe,
think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.
~Nikola Tesla

Welcome. Your new reality awaits.

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