Times can be difficult due to medical bills, a job loss and more.  We don't want to turn away anyone who needs help just because they have fallen into times of challenge.  Once a month, Tam creates space on her calendar for remote healing sessions specifically designed for those in need of a hand-up.  While she is not able to take everyone who requests assistance, she does her best to find ways to help.


If we are unable to schedule a single remote session, she will generally add people to the group sessions when space is available. 


At Auracoustics, we do believe that an energy exchange is important for a clean and transparent way of honoring each other and to keep the frequency in a high vibration. If for some reason you are not able to pay in the form of money, you can offer a barter of exchange for review.  To request assistance under our "pay-what-you-can program", please write us a note on our contact page and explain your circumstance and what you can offer in lieu of our standard pricing. 


Again, we apologize in advance if for some reason we are not able to accommodate a personal session for you under this program. <