This healing session is the optimal relaxation time for anyone needing a full body wellness treatment.  Whether you are having an in-person session, or a long-distance session, a customized plan is made for what your body needs. This session allows the appropriate amount of time to utilize a variety of methodologies that usually include a combination of Bio-Energetic Tuning, Sound Healing and Reiki/Energy work.  A detailed explanation of how the sessions are conducted will be sent to you after your purchase so you know what to expect. 



Please ensure to read the additional section entitled, "IMPORTANT! Please read before you purchase."  If you agree, you can then purchase.


Once you have purchased your session, Tam will contact you by email to confirm your purchase and schedule the date and time of your appointment.  If you have a pacemaker or mechanical part installed within your body, please make sure to alert Tam so she can adjust the session's dynamics accordingly.   



60 Minute Session

$175.00 Regular Price