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Membership Circles

Welcome to the circles of love, joy, and mastery! This portal was created specifically for those who are

seeking to elevate their vibration through natural frequencies that support health,

balance, and expanded consciousness.
Whether you are a beginner and have just started exploring the world of consciousness and vibrational wellness

or on a life-long healing journey that just happened to bring you here … know you are in the right place.
The membership opportunities below were created for my clients who had been asking for more affordable ways to connect with a vibrational practice on an ongoing basis.  They wanted something to help them feel more committed to their well-being and explore pathways that allowed them to go deeper and higher for self-healing.  


However, not to only mend something that was out of balance, but to strengthen their physical, mental, and emotional bodies as well … helping merge the physical and metaphysical paradigm by connecting the heart and mind coherence through frequency, vibration, and conscious connection.
While these organic energies will meet you where you are at, all possibilities exist when you begin to open yourself up to all positive potentials and engage the natural world with child-like enthusiasm and curiosity.

Opening to multi-dimensional wellness, releasing limitations and empowering your heart to guide you can shift anxiousness into calm, fear into love, and lifetimes of pain into joyful thriving.
If inspired to join one of the circles, you will find a variety of levels to get you started.

And, if any questions arise, please feel free to contact us at any time.

Circle of Love

Every Month
  • Group energy healing session (Once per month)

  • Personalized Angel reading upon enrollment (1 question)

  • Sound Sanctuary Level 7 Access (healing meditations)

  • Receive 1 recorded sound session per month 

  • 10% discount on additionally purchased energy sessions

Circle of Joy

Every Month
  • Group energy healing session (Once per month)


  • Personalized Angel reading upon enrollment (2 questions)


  • Sound Sanctuary Level 7 Access (healing meditations)


  • Receive 1 recorded sound session per month 


  • 30min. live session - After 4 months, then 1 every 3 months


  • 15% discount on additionally purchased energy sessions

Circle of Mastery

Every Month
  • Group energy healing session (Once per month)


  • Personalized Angel reading upon enrollment (3 questions)


  • Sound Sanctuary Level 7 Access (healing meditations)


  • Access to all recorded sound sessions


  • 60min. live session - After 4 months, then 1 every 3 months

  • 2 additional 15 min energy boosts – after 4 months

  • One Akashic reading after 6 months

  • 20% discount on additionally purchased energy sessions


Group energy healing sessions are conducted on a specific day and time. You will receive an email each month letting you know when they occur. If you are unable to participate live, the recording will be available to listen to afterward. However, your name will still be included in the group session list on the day of the event - therefore you will still be in the energy circle and receive the energetic benefits.


Personalized angel readings will be sent to you via the email address you sign up with. Since these are manually done and take some time to complete, please expect to receive your reading within 1-2 weeks of your enrollment.


Sound Sanctuary Level 7 Access (healing meditations) are accessed in the members only area once you sign up. There are 7 deep healing meditations in this area that work on the various meridians and chakras of the body. While these are specifically recorded with solfeggio scales and higher energies, they are free from binaural beats or rife frequencies. So, as long as you have medical approval, they are fine to listen to for those with pacemakers or mechanical parts.


Recorded sound sessions are made for specific areas of the body. The Love and Joy Circles will have access to one recording per month via their membership page.  Members of the Circle of Mastery will have access to all recordings through their membership page.  Some of these recordings DO HAVE rife frequencies embedded in the session and a tuning fork is used. While these are considered safe, these are not suitable for some with pacemakers, mechanical parts or sever illnesses. If you fall into this category, please let us know and we will find safe alternatives for you. 


Live Sessions - If your membership includes one Live Session with Tam, they can be scheduled after being a member for 4 consecutive months. You will also receive one additional session every 3 months you have an active membership thereafter. Just reach out to us to schedule when you are ready to make your appointment.


Energy boosts can be schedule after 4 months.


Akashic record readings can be scheduled after 6 months.


Additional discounts per each membership level are noted above and can be applied at anytime for single sessions.


Please note, during especially busy times, we may need to adjust readings and schedules accordingly. So, we reserve the right for a few adjustments as need be. However, we will do our best to contact each individual ahead of time if indeed any changes need to be made or announced. We appreciate you understanding if this occurs.



Your Membership will have a monthly recurring charge. Memberships can be canceled at anytime but all payments are considered final. Once members decide to cancel their subscription they will no longer have access to the site. So, we suggest any cancellations take place right before your month is up to maximize your investment. Please know we take your safety and privacy seriously. We never ask for credit card numbers. All payments are processed through PayPal, and they are the only ones who have your financial information. No one at Auracoustics will ever have access to your banking/credit card details, passwords or membership information.

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All information available on Auracoustics is for informational and/or educational purposes only and cannot be construed as medical advice, psychological advice, or life choice advice. Consult your physician or other health care practitioner if you have personal concerns.  For our European website visitors, it is required under EU Law to state that all offerings made in the Esoteric Arts, including the content and services offered through Auracoustics, are, in their entirety, for entertainment purposes only.


Energy Medicine.  Reiki.  Bio-energetic Tuning.  Sound Healing.                                                                                                                                             people & pets

Our entire biological system - the brain and the earth itself - work on the same frequencies. So, if you want to find the secrets of the universe,
think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.
~Nikola Tesla

Welcome. Your new reality awaits.

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