Custom Blended High Frequency Essential Oils

Energetically charged with people and pyramid power!


Tam creates custom blended essential oils for her clients and can ship to anyone in the contiguous United States. (Please utilize the contact page if you are outside the US. Some exceptions may be available.)


Understanding the sacred practice of using plant-based medicines and oils for healing, Tam has the ability to connect with a person's physical, mental and emotional body to get the right alchemic recipe that may assist in the balancing of one's health and wellness.  She not only infuses them energetically with high vibrational energy but gives them a turbo boost by allowing them to simmer in pure pyramid energy for 24-48 hours or more. 


This allows the oils to obtain their highest potency and/or create the specific frequency needed for the person it has been created for.  Tam uses 100% medical grade essential oils only. 



Please allow 2 weeks for custom blend orders.


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